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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  September 2, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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steve rudin is in the weather center with the local forecast. what can we expect for a holiday weekend? >> the beaches will looks fine after the storm system moves out. today's forecast, sunshine this morning, from the 60's to the 70's. martinsburg, 69 degrees. the satellite and radar shows the hurricane in the lower right corner of the screen. there's a cold front in the upper left corner that will steer a pistol from the area. mostly and sunny today, deposing. -- low 90's. near 90 degrees tomorrow. day 60 of the 90-degree days tomorrow. 270 has a crash northbound after 109, distracting drivers
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coming south and a lot of frederick. 355 would be the late to go. 95 in virginia, roadworks southbound between newington and richmond, one lane open to the right until 5:00 a.m. back to you. >> thank you. our top story, police searched through the night for explosives that they have been left behind by a gunman who took three people hostage at the discovery channel building. biba shot and killed by police. the hostages are safe. so many questions. the incident unfolded at discovery headquarters in downtown silver spring. courtney robinson is live with the latest developments. good morning. >> good morning. it is not clear if overnight officers discovered any more of these devices. a man who is now dead was well known at discovery, known as a longtime protester.
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he was upset over some of their programming. four hours, officers say this man, james j. lee, held three men hostage inside the building. it began around 0:00 yesterday afternoon when he walked into the lobby with a handgun and explosives in the form of canister is strapped to his body, carrying a backpack believed to be explosives. he fired a shot and told everyone to stay put. officers began negotiating with him on the phone later. before 5:00 p.m., he threatened a hostage. police snipers had him in their sights and pulled the trigger. wexford our tactical team moved in and shot the suspect. the suspect is deceased. but they feared he might detonate his bombs, so-called they cleared two blocks around the discovery center.
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children at day care or brought to safety. those nearby also hunkered down. >> it was scary. >> listen to this. several loud blooms could be heard as the bomb squad disrupted the devices that he brought into the building. one of them appeared to go off when he was shot. the discovery building is still cordoned off downtown. police did do a sweep a building with a number of offices so it would be saved this morning. there will be on the scene for some time. courtney robinson reporting live from silver spring. >> we have received a statement from one of the three hostages held hours .
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jim wants to thank the montgomery county police and all the agencies that responded for helping to ensure the safety of his colleagues at discovery communications. >> some of the most emotional scenes were young children being brought away from becoming a day care center. we spoke with one person reunited with a three-year old son. >> of as a little anxious at first because they ran us out of the building, but they got the kids out safely. in a very good man. i cannot commend them enough. the discovery channel has practiced its evaluation procedure short after 9/11. some of the employees stayed behind in the building to help hostage negotiators and police. stay with us all morning for
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continuing coverage. we will look at the life of the man at the center of the standoff, coming up. are other the big story, the latest on hurricane earl. the east coast is getting ready as the storm moves north. virginia, maryland, north carolina understates of emergency. federal disaster officials are moving emergency teams as a precaution. people are being told to leave some areas before the start of the labor day weekend. some people in ocean city are packing up this time and having a child. now more on how people are bracing for the storm. chris? >> people are getting ready. they were talking about it last night as they were enjoying the sun set. it is going to be tough to see, but waves are building. there have been strong currency is weak and the waves are expected to get bigger as the
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storm gets closer. before sunrise this morning, ocean city is bracing for are the arrival. buildings along the beach have storm shutters down and warnings are going up. states of emergency in north carolina, virginia, maryland. >> today people will drive around. continue your arrival in ocean city until the storm has passed. >> wednesday the swimmers were told to go in and of to their knees on it because with guns are strong. >> they are really hard and knocking people over. >> parts of the outer banks of north carolina are under a mandatory evacuation. summer vacations cut short. >> it ruined our vacation. that's all we get. >> residents are getting ready to board up their noses before the category 4 krystle, passing 60-90 miles offshore. >> we are going to be ready.
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you better have supplies. >> in ocean city we are told they are expecting waves anywhere from 10-14 feet. this area is under a tropical storm warning and a hurricane watch. we'll get it after north carolina does. we are looking at whether it will stay on track. we are live in ocean beach this morning. chris van cleve reporting for abc 7 news. still ahead, more trouble for the nationals and nigel morgantown but what prompted this bench-clearing brawl. the first steps toward peace in the middle east, that is coming up. >
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> temperatures this morning in the low 70's. 70 in gaithersburg and frederick, 74 in hagerstown. quiet and drive across the immediate metro.
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hurricane earl right there. today's forecast, mostly sunny and hot, low 90's. tonight, mid to upper 60's to 70's. near 90 tomorrow. in the '80s on the weekend. -- 80's. a little bomber if you are leaving springfield headed a woodbridge. southbound 95 caswell warrick with only one lane getting applied to the right. traffic in the red heading south away from the abc 7 logo. headlights on northbound and quiet. back to you. >> thank you. we have 75 degrees on this thursday. >> apple pulls the next generation ipod and it could be
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an entertainment game changer. >> ambitious timeline towards middle east peace. >> live in silver spring, a closer look at the man responsible for your place nightmare.
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welcome back. 5:14. new details about the gunman who held people hostage for hours at the discovery channel building. james j. lee was killed after hours of negotiation with police. now more on his history, with brianne carter. >> good morning. police say that this man is it to be responsible. no stranger to the discovery
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channel headquarters. he had been here a number of times in the past. in 2008 the man said to be in his 40's was arrested for disorderly conduct after throwing fistfuls of cash into the air. he was ordered tuesday 500 feet away from discovery headquarters as part of probation, and order that was lifted two weeks ago. he returned yesterday, causing a workplace nightmare for thousands in the area. he was said to be more about the environment and overpopulation, setting that discovery programs cause more harm than good. he said nothing is more important than saving lions, tigers, giraffes, elephants. he said on is myspace page that he was ready to do something. police say that is what he did. he took some hostages at the
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discovery channel network. police shot and killed him yesterday. brianne carter reporting for abc 7 news. virginia dmv offices will operate normally today. compuware problems are fixed. the offices will be open until 6:00 p.m. today and tomorrow and there will be extra staff to deal with the backlog. pepco customers will get another chance to voice their concerns tonight. the maryland public service commission will another public service commhearing at prince 's community college at the theater. the wife of the incumbent mayor is coming to his defense at the debate. she told reporters it is painful to hear people saying things about husband that she knows are not true.
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today marks an important milestone in the middle east peace process. israeli and palestinian leaders will sit down for their first face-to-face talks in two years. if president obama is causes willful that issues can be resolved. two yemeni men suspected of terrorism after being detained in the netherlands have been released. ahmed al soofi and hezem al murisi were arrested after suspicious items were found in the luggage. officials of the items were part of a dry run for a terrorist attack. but investigators found no evidence linking them to terrorism. all things apple, a technology giant revealed a new ipod and a challenge to tv. rob nelson has mccullah. -- has more. >> steve jobs took the wraps off a revamped alcohol tv, is set
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top box allows you to rent movies starting a $3.99 and television shows from abc and fox for 99 cents and streams will be some netflix. >> apple is going to afthave to offer people more access to full internet and the webc. >> there's a new ipod with two cameras and a smaller nano with a touch screen. amazon is offering shows for 99 cents each. let's talk about hurricane earl.
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adam caskey is live at ocean city with more. good morning. >> we are lots at the inlet in ocean city. i just got an update from the national hurricane center. it has intensified a little, maximum sustained winds at 145 miles an hour or, which makes it a category 4 storm, a major marocain. it is not expected to strengthen any further. -- a major hurricane. a gradual weakening is anticipated even later on today and over the next couple days. this is infrared satellite imagery. notice that it is expected to brush up along the east coast of the united states, especially the of banks of north carolina. that is where they have a hurricane warning in effect. the red.ecaus
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the blue is the tropical storm warning in delmarva. wind gusts and wind speeds over 45 or 50 miles an hour or with gusts over 50 miles an hour. tonight through the first half of tomorrow the conditions will get better by friday night and into saturday. for the weekend looks pretty good. today, another beautiful day. conditions will fall apart later on today. high, thin clouds this afternoon. low clouds tonight, one or two inches of rain. hurricane force winds, the probability for us in ocean city is 10%. we are expecting a tropical storm conditions. even a slight waffles in the path of earl could greatly
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impact our forecast for tonight, that is what we have a hurricane watch for up and down the delmarva and in ocean city. we could see biggers of 11 feet tonight, and especially tomorrow. the center of the strong will be east of virginia beach as a category 3 or category 4 by early tomorrow morning and an accelerating off to the new england, and eastern canada through the latter half of friday and on saturday. now to steve rudin. looks pretty good in the d.c. area. >> looks great for the bus stop forecast, upper 60's, lotus mid 70's, lots of sunshine. this afternoon, day #59 for 90 degrees or better. mostly sunny got wind of the south and 5-10. mid to upper 60's tonight. maybe low 70's.
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90 degrees tomorrow, partly sunny and breezy. the wind will pick up a little. a cooler and drier for the upcoming weekend. let's go to lisa baden for the commute. 270 northbound, a police pursuit started in montgomery county and went over the county line in frederick county, maryland. they had to fly somebody alison the scene and are searching for someone else in the area. 270 northbound after 109. southbound lanes beginning at 85. this is not going to change anytime soon. 355, 70, 97, 270, whatever you whatever you have to do 270. >> what triggered this fight
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with the marlins? >> and a fashion expert on "the oprah show" at portlock.
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that ball is behind him. here we go. >> last night the nationals of fielder nyjer morgan charged the mound after he was thrown out
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for the second time in the game. earlier he injured a catcher on a rough play that some call dirty. the nationalists lost 16to 10. >> the team has dismissed television analyst rob dibble. >> he was sharply critical of stephen strasburg and after he was removed from his final start. rob dibble said the strasbourg needed to suck it up. it was later revealed that stephen strasburg would need surgery. >> the redskins played in arizona. guys still fighting for a spot on the roster. albert haynesworth will see a lot of playing time tonight and could then be deactivated for the opener against dallas as he
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and mike shanahan stourton of their differences. >> it never ends, it seems like. 74 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> we will go back to silver spring for the deadly hostage standoff at the discovery building. >> i am steve rudin in the belfort furniture weather center in. another hot and humid day is on ole. we will look at if the extended forecast for the holiday weeken
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead this half
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hour, a violent end to a hostage crisis in the heart of silver spring. we are learning more about the man at the center of this standoff. good morning, washington. welcome back on this thursday, september 2. >> i am alison starling. today on "i am pamela brown. and we are following the latest on hurricane earl. adam caskey is in ocean city. we begin with steve rudin. >> we will take this good weather as we found out a week into the big holiday weekend. it will take another day or so for the humidity to break. by saturday and sunday, highs in the low to mid 80's. right now the satellite and radar, in the lower right-hand corner is the development of earl, getting ready to move towards the north and northeast. in the upper left corner is the
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cold front. it will steer the system out. at the bethesda, upper 60's, low to mid 70's. y #59 of 90-ine, dave numb degree temperatures or better. out of the district into virginia, after the 14th street bridge close to the 110 exit door the pentagon there's an accident. southbound 395 is able to gadahn and able to access able the exit for 110. -- able to access the exit. yesterday there was a gunman
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standoff at the discovery channel building in silver spring. courtney robinson as the latest. >> i spoke with montgomery county police officers this morning. during that sweep last night by the buyer defaulted bonds what they were able to find a few things and to disrupt those devices. officers are still in the front of the building. there are maintaining control of the front lobby. they will be here for some time. they will maintain control of the lobby. there were able to clear the building overnight. it is a big building with a number of offices. you can understand why it would take some time. let's look at the man who kept police at four dollars. james j. lee entered the building around 1:00 yesterday afternoon carrying a handgun jaques metal canisters strapped to his body and was carrying a
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backpack and boxes believed to be explosive devices. he fired a shot and told everyone not to move. officers of on the phone with him at one point negotiating. around 5:00 he threatened one of the hostages. that is when a sniper pulled the trigger ultimately killing him. one of the canister is strapped to him appeared to go off when he will shot. he was the only casualty in all of this. officers were able to that debate the building. 1900 people are safe. three hostages states as well. there were babies in the day care of that worldwide to safety-- rolled to safety. >> discovery is expressing gratitude to the emergency teams. the company issued a statement setting discovered thank the
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montgomery county police and fire and rescue whose quick thinking and faster to ensure the safety of employees and children in the building as well as the silver spring community. we are learning more about the suspected gunman. james j. lee was angry about the discovery channel's environmental programs. even as arrested in the past for throwing cash into the erroll saya discovery headquarters. he lived in a nearby homeless shelter recently. tense moments as employees evacuated the building. the p.a. system was used to tell workers to leave, but some employees were trapped on upper floors to a loved your deal. the executive vice president says a few employees volunteered to stay behind to gallipolis. >> we have security cameras all over the building and a lot because of we were able to watch this unfolds. it was hard to identify the hostages because their fourth
5:35 am
place down. law-enforcement quickly took over the monitoring and will be a double cameras and therefore focused on the bonds and on the shooter. bombs and on the shooter. the latest on hurricane earl. people are getting ready as it moves north. virginia, maryland, north carolina under a state of emergency. federal disaster officials are moving emergency teams and supplies as a precaution. tourists on being evacuated before the start of the labor day weekend. chris van cleve is live in ocean city with the latest developments on hurricane earl. good morning. good to see you today. >> good to see you. maximum sustained winds of 145 miles an hour, still a category 4 hurricane.
5:36 am
the tropical storm force winds will extend toole hundred 30 miles from the center of the hurricane. extend 230 miles from the center. its survival as many hours of a, a storm shutters are beginning to come down in ocean city. a clearing advisory remains in effect, do not to go in past your knees because of the deterrents are strong. >> someone will and does that our children were out too deep. >> we rented them as and they kicked us allen to this morning. > -- we rented a house and they
5:37 am
kicked us out. >> you could see watches and warnings continue to move up the east coast. that is why it is important for residents to have an evacuation plan ready if the evacuation order was called for. >> there are watches and warnings stretching from the carolinas all the way to canada. in ocean city there's a briefing at 1:00 today where the town will make their decision as to how they will prepare for this storm. they are expecting very high ripf, very dangerous recurren currents. wait until this passes before making that trip to ocean city. chris van cleave, abc 7 news. >> thank you. thursday morning, 5:37.
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>> good news for virginia drivers, when the dmv could be back in business. >> another check on traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> another check on traffic and weather every ten minutes.
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for men and women. >> good morning, washington. newington, va., 69 degrees. we are all on our way to a daytime highs of around 90 degrees. mostly sunny, wind of the sali te 5-10. mid to upper 60's tonight to low 70's. near 90 degrees tomales. cooler and drier on the weekend. not to lisa baden. a couple of things. southbound 395 across the 14th street bridge, a crash near the exit for 110, the pentagon. the drivers are able to access the exit. southbound 395 of the district boards the pentagon. let's change cameras. looks quiet in this camera.
5:42 am
headlights southbound, they have been waiting a long time to get to this area. there was a police pursuit of northbound to 70. -- northbound 270. traffic delays on extensive isleton of friedrichs. 5:42 on this thursday. getting a'brien is new talk show and we have a hint about the name of it. >> it does not contain the word "tonight." >> the commonwealth computer glitch should be fixed. >> we are taking a look into the glitch should be fixed. >> we are taking a look into the past of the
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what drove a gunman to take three people hostage at the discovery channel silver spring headquarters? police shot and killed the gunman. we are learning more about james j. lee and his history with the discovery channel. brianne carter continues our coverage. what have we learned? >> investigators are still in a year. this is still an active investigation. there are trying to determine a motive. this was not his first time at discovery headquarters. on his myspace page, a photograph with the caption, "i am ready to do something." on wednesday he did, creating a workplace nightmare for thousands. if cuba is no stranger to the discovery channel headquarters. -- he was no stranger. he was arrested for disorderly conduct after throwing fistfuls
5:47 am
of money into their air and was ordered tuesday 500 feet from the building. that order was lifted two weeks ago. he returned on wednesday. >> unbelievable. wexford cuba is said to be worried about the environment, discover channel programs, than good. , "nothing is more important than saving the lions, tigers, giraffes, elephants. in humans, it does not need humans." a producer from another news organization called discovery channel headquarters when a man identifying himself as james j. lee, telling that producer that he had a gun and several bombs. thank you. stay with us all morning for continuing coverage of that. checking our top stories on
5:48 am
this thursday morning. virginia residents will finally be able to get or renew driver'' licenses and id cards. computer problems plaguing the offices for week and are finally fixed. extra staff will be on hand. customers will get another chance to speak out about pepco's performance. a public hearing will be held on its response to outages on recent storms. 6:00 tonight in the theatre at prince george's community college. if president obama is cautiously hopeful that mideast leaders can settle their differences. the israeli prime minister netanyahu and palestinian president abbas will meet face- to-face today for peace talks in washington. maryland state senator ulysses currie has been indicted on conspiracy, bribery, extortion, mail fraud, and making false statements. he was under investigation for working as a consultant for a warehouse without disclosing the
5:49 am
work in a financial disclosure form. it will cost metro lot of money to comply with safety recommendations made after ylast year's deadly crash. it could cost $935 million. most of that would go toward replacing older cars in the fleet. as well as analyzing its automatic control systems and working on track circuits. yesterday was so hot that it was 102 degrees in my vehicle. >> it was brutal. let's see how it is shaping up today, with steve rudin. >> looking at temperatures above 90 again, day no. 59 of 90 degrees or better this year. comfortable started on this thursday morning. 70 in gaithersburg, 69 in marshalled.
5:50 am
cumberland, md., 63 degrees. quiet and drive across the immediate metro area. in the upper left side of your screen is a cold front that will help to push hurricane earl offshore. that is good news. sunny skies for the bus stop forecast, upper 60's, low to mid 70's. and '70s tonight. tomorrow, 90. the weekend looks beautiful for a holiday, low 80's saturday, sunday, monday. not so quiet for the ocean city- delmarva area. adam caskey has an update on hurricane earl. >> we are tracking the category 4 hurricane which intensified a little bit early this morning with maximum sustained winds up to 145 miles an hour.
5:51 am
it would have to be greater than 155 to be a category 5. there's a general and overall weakening. that should have been especially later on tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. it is leaving north-northwest at 18 miles an hour. it should north and then to the east later on this evening and tonight. tropical storm force wind warnings extend 230 miles from the center of the storm. we anticipate troubles storm conditions on the delmarva peninsula. off and on rainshowers and high wind, tonight at the beaches and lasting into tomorrow afternoon. expect rain off and on, about two inches once it is said and done by tomorrow night. the wind in excess of 50 or 55 miles an hour. sustained winds on the beach of
5:52 am
35 miles an hour. that would give as tropical storm like gusts. the odds of getting hurricane- 10% in this area.ti let nicolaus the roads with lisa baden. -- lentz check on the roads. southbound 270, accident northbound after 109 as a result of a police chase. serious head on crash in damascus, 107 ridge road closed at bethesda rd. let's take you to or the pentagon with iraq's south bound near 110, attracted getting caught without any major delays. back to you. >> thank you. an interesting year for
5:53 am
conan o'brien. whoopi has joined an elite group of celebrities. has joined an elite group of celebrities. >> pure, like the man himself. >> a single name for conan o'brien. he took this approach and announced the name of his new show, "conan." simple and basic, using a marker of a sheet of paper. that is funny. 74 degrees on this thursday morning. >> we wi
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>> welcome back. an amazing story of survival in new york city. >> a 22-year-old man jumped from the building and felt 40 stories and landed on a car and is a live this morning with two broken legs and is in the hospital recovering. some witnesses were there and they say it is a sight they will never forget. >> all i see is him yelling, his legs, his legs. there was not that much blood or
5:57 am
anything. it was amazing. he crushed vehicle. >> his head was sticking abubakar and his legs were backwards. >> the car's owner credits the rosary beads in his vehicle for saving a man's life. a lot more in the second albert. -- second hour. >> a big step forward for women in the workplace, a new study. >> in silver spring police are still on the scene at discovery headquarters, the latest on the hostage standoff that ended
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call or click today. two breaking stories. of violence hostage scene ended with a deadly shot. and hurricane earl takes aim at the eastern seaboard. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. we are glad you are joining us. 6:00 on this visit thursday morning, september 2. i am alison starling. morning, september 2. i am alison starling.


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